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CinemaJS is a new event talking everything about JavaScript. We come together at the cinema to learn and meet with other members of the Web development community.

We love our community and we want to provide an unique experience for you in your city with a new kindred spirit inside Barcelona Community The event starts open doors at 7pm, featuring both technical & passion talks, with lot of surprises! Your ticket includes a drink and help us to organize the event and get a little closer to provision amount of beverages and great things for you.

Eduardo San Martin Morote

Reusable & Performant Components in Vue

Eduardo is a Javascript enthusiast who focus on UI and who likes game dev too. He is member of the Vue.js core team and He organizes the Paris Vue.js Meetup. He helps daily to improve the Vue ecosystem.

What’s this about?

Components being the base of any web application today, fully understanding them brings your application to a different level. More specifically, there are 3 important concepts: Reusability, performance and maintainability.

Creating reusable components will not only allow your team to go faster but also improve the overall maintainability of your application. We’ll look at many features Vue offers to achieve this and when to use them.

Creating performant components will allow your application to feel smooth, even in slow mobile devices. We’ll understand how tree diffing works and some tricks to improve components performance. Last but not least, maintainable components are tested so we’ll talk about what should be tested in a component and some interesting technique like Visual testing.

Daniel Khan

AI, Bots, NLP, Slack and Alexa

Daniel has over 15 years experience as full stack developer, architect and technical lead in the field of web engineering proving his strong problem solving skills in hundreds of projects. He is passionate about constant learning, using new technologies and sharing his findings with others. As technology strategist, Daniel focuses on driving support for emerging technologies like Node.js and MongoDB at Dynatrace.

What’s this about?

Sounds like buzzword bingo but this is for real.

Our product relies heavily on AI and sometimes it was hard to sell the idea until we started to add a conversational interface named DAVIS to it. Building on Slack or Alexa is fairly easy but how do we understand what the user really wants from us.

Join me on my journey from our initial prototype to where we are now - a Node.js based personal assistant that sometimes already sounds like a real person.

Thomas Deniffel

Serverless: An introduction

Lightning talk

Thomas is a technology enthusiast and CEO of the company Skytala GmbH where he creates full stack applications for customers. During the last 5 years, working in different domains, people and technologies. He has seen many different technologies and learned avoiding following technology hypes, but judging them first. Currently he is involved in many Angular projects where he creates backends as well as front-end caching strategies.

What’s this about?

Serverless is a new approach to think about the backend. Until today every frontend developer needed a backend guy, who creates a big backend server and an operations guy who keeps the servers up and running.

After Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), Serverless takes one step further to Function as a Service (FaaS) where you integrate functions from third party providers directly in your application and you don’t need to write you own complete backend anymore.

You can use, e. g., Firebase as Database, OAuth for Authentification and only a small function with the on Amazon Lambda for your domain logic that can’t be executed on the client, as a machine learning algorithm for example directly from your frontend application. This architectural style allows developers to compose their backends of existing backend services with their own domain logic.

The talk introduces in this style, where it comes from, the drawback and benefits for Javascript developers.


March 30th 2017



Acreditation ends at 19:15.




Reusable & Performant Components in Vue




Daniel Khan - NODEJS - TBA






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