January 26th 2017

Multiplayer games with web technologies

Thanks to the wide adoption and availability of WebGL across browsers (including those on mobile) we get control of the full graphics pipeline. With WebGL we have the means to create 3D games with JavaScript and with WebRTC we can create multi-user applications in the browser. So what happens wh...

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February 23th 2017

GraphQL for frontend developers

GraphQL is the successor of REST APIs and a declarative way to fetch and update data. This new paradigm is unlocking a completely new ecosystem turning frontend developers into superheroes. After a quick introduction to GraphQL, we’ll setup a fully-functional GraphQL backend using Graphcool and ...

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March 30th 2017

Reusable & Performant Components in Vue

Components being the base of any web application today, fully understanding them brings your application to a different level. More specifically, there are 3 important concepts: Reusability, performance and maintainability. Creating reusable components will not only allow your team to go faster ...

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